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A major emphasis is placed on our ability to repair and restore valuable antique stained glass. Through the years the Studio has provided total restorations to many churches and homes. We have performed repair functions on original Tiffany pieces for private collectors and institutions. We feel that restoration is like surgery; it should be left only to the highly skilled and

experienced hands of a master craftsman.


- Maintenance and Restorations

- Beveled Glass Repair and Replacement

- Crystal Repair

- Full Custom Restoration including Handpainted Art

- Leaded Stained Glass Repair

- Lamps ~ replacing broken bent panels a specialty


We will quote repairs your item upon inspection.


Brum Art Glass is a restoration studio that has done many projects in the Sarasota area.


Most recently is rebuilding and re-installing an arched window at the Sarasota Opera House (damaged during the refurbishing while in storage). These were initially restored over 20 years ago by Brum Art Glass in 1982 when the first renovation took place.

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Our high degree of skill, developed through decades of experience, sets us apart from other studios. We are proud to offer unparalleled quality  on our products and craftsmanship.